Hana Havelková


Prague – born Hana Havelkova, winner of the Mode Designer Cup in Frankfurt and designer of the famous white evening dress in which Tatana Kucharova won Miss World 2006.



The architecture of the past century has influenced her at most - cubism, functionalism, constructivism, and Bauhaus.

Her cloths exceed of evident nobleness, precise elaboration with the feeling for elegant feminine lines. She prefers austere and simple style, each piece in her collections is emphasized with a specific purified detailing.

She is well known for evening and wedding dresses.

Studio HH

In 1991 she has established her brand HANA HAVELKOVA and opened her fashion studio in Prague Old Town.

Experiences and personal achievements

Later on her collections have been shown all over the world - Paris Luxury Trade Show, New York Fashion Week event at Platform 2, Haag, Exhibitions-Imprints of Prague Architecture - Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Vienna and Brussels.


Since 1998 Hana Havelkova makes fashion show presentations for Skoda Auto, which has been held in Frankfurt, Leipzig, Hamburg, Paris and Prague.

She also won twice prices - Designer of the season in the competitions of Czech fashion designers - Fashion Point.